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Who is This Chick?

I am a young (ish) wife and mom of three hilarious kids. I love Jesus, laughter, people, and fun! Once upon a time (a hundred years ago) I was an athlete. Someday, when I grow up, I want to be a photographer and speak fluent Spanish.

I’m married to my  super hot college sweetheart – fifteen years later – we still like each other! As complete and total opposites, God is constantly using our differences to stretch us, encourage us, mature us, and keep us on our freaking toes!

Our kiddos – Jacob is nine and is my brilliant, methodical, responsible first-born. He is kind and good and honest – this, along with his tender heart, make him very much like his father, which I love. Benjamin is seven, and he is our joy-boy. An eternal optimist and the poster-child for a pleasing middle child, we adore him and he adores everyone. Abigail (aka ‘sister friend’) is four years old and our baby girl. Her brothers adore her, which works out well because she loves to be adored. She is strong-willed, precocious, adorable, and filled with silliness. These three blessings keep my world very busy, crazy, messy and desperately dependent on God for my sanity.

 I have been on quite a crazy medical journey over the last few years that has inspired me, challenged me, and completely changed me. Through this roller-coaster ride (that I do not remember getting in line for by the way!) Jesus has drawn me so much closer to Him than my entire life as a PK and ‘good Christian girl’. My hope is that, as God continues to speak to me through kid’s diapers, His creation, my countless mistakes, and everything else imaginable, that I am able to encourage you along your walk with Jesus, as well.

We may cry together, because let’s be honest, I’m kind of a wreck. But, I assure you, we will also  laugh together until tears run down our legs. And we’ll do our very best to praise Jesus the whole way through. Let’s take this journey together, friend. Are you ready? I know I am. Alright then, let’s do this thing.

6 thoughts on “Who is This Chick?

  1. Debra Floyd on said:

    I had the honor of meeting you in an office L-1 of all places…Lol I read you’re blogs, I think you are awesome!!! keep them coming, I look forward to reading each and everyone. you are as funny in you’re blogs as you were when I met you. You gave me words of wisdom that day..I took them to heart!!

    Hugs, Deb

    • Debra – THANK YOU! Please refresh my memory of our meeting. I want details. I am certain I enjoyed it! 🙂 I am happy to know you are here. Welcome. Love, love.

      • Debra Floyd on said:

        Lol, I Met You When You Came To Be Fingerprinted!!! I Met You’re Sweet Mom and You Beautiful Kids In The Van…..I Told You About My Son Jake Going To Colorado For The Summer, How Scared I Was For Him Even Though I Knew It Was In Gods Plan For Him… You Were Very Kind And Gave Me Some Awesome Words Of Wisdom, I Will Be Forever Greatful To You!!! Hugs Girl!!!

        • Sweet Debra!!! What a HUGE treat it is to hear from you! I loooved meeting you that day, it really was a blessing! I am happy to be re-connected through you and I am thrilled God is speaking to you personally through all of this. I hope you will continue our journey with us. Much love, new friend.

  2. Yes…very happy to meet you! I look forward to laughing and crying with you!

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