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Five Minute Fridays – Belong

(Disclaimer to my readers – Today I link up with fellow writers. This is a challenge. A group to join. A prompting by another woman I like to just.sit.down. every Friday and write for only five minutes. That’s it. Which is roughly how long it takes for me to write my normal first sentence. Ahem. So, lest some of you start dancing joyfully with glee that my post is shorter – it is advised that thy shouldn’t get thyself used to it. In Jesus’ Name.) READ MORE HERE.

Five Minute Fridays – BELONG


How desperately we, especially as women, feel the need to belong.

To feel loved. To be affirmed. To know we are worthy.

Our enemy is the prince of this world. This world that screams at us from every direction. The noise is deafening at times. But, not tonight. Tonight, my friend, the noise of this world was silenced by the prayers of the faithful. Amen! Tonight, I did belong. Because, tonight, my heart, my soul, and my spirit were affirmed by the only One who can truly give me value.

This evening, I spent the better part of a solid hour in prayer for a dear friend.

A wife. A mom. A teacher. And now, a cancer patient.

In only a moment, a glimpse of the doctor’s mouth moving, words coming out, but no sound. No. Not cancer. Everything changed. Nothing will ever be as it was.

From my couch, all those years I remember desperately wanting to feel like I belonged to the outside world. The world I only saw from my window, or from the waiting room of a doctor’s office. The world that seemed to be spinning around just. fine. without. me.

But, tonight, not from my couch, but from my friend’s couch, she was reassured. She was affirmed. She knew her value. She belonged.

Because, on this night, His family of believers surrounded her. More than twenty ladies gathered at her house (and many others from their own homes around the country) to pray over her. I was one of the blessed ones who knocked down the doors of heaven tonight in her name.

We were strangers to each other, so many of these women. At once, united by our friend, we were now united by the presence of His Holy Spirit. We were one in our prayers. We were one in our cries to our Father. We were one in our tears. We were one in our desperate pleas for healing and peace. We were one is our desire for His will above our own. We were one in our demolition of the enemy and his plans – in Jesus’ Name.

We were one.


Alltogether different, but each so wonderfully made. Each of us, a part of His family. Sisters in Christ. United in prayer.

Because of His blood, His sacrifice, His love – we do belong.

And, precious friend, if you have given your life to Jesus – then never doubt this – so do you

Whether you feel it in your emotions. Whether you understand it in your brain. Or whether you don’t know the difference between the two – you are His.

He made you.

He knows you.

He loves you.

He died for you.

You. Do. Belong.

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays – Belong

  1. I love this week’s prompt (even though I didn’t participate!). We all crave for belonging. Thanks for sharing part of your story in this post, Caroline.

  2. Bobbi McDaniel on said:


    What an amazing, wonderful, heartfelt and heart-rending post. We DO ALL belong to Him! We had a very good friend pass away unexpectedly yesterday morning, and your words spoke to my heart. Thank you!


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    “It’s a State of Mind!”

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  3. Thank you for sharing this! You are so right…I am so glad I belong in God’s family, because quite honestly, I really don’t belong anywhere else. I try so hard to belong here in the midst of faces, but I’ve finally learned I don’t fit their mold. I don’t belong here.

  4. Hi Caroline! I am here from 5 Min Fri.

    What a riveting story. How blessed is your friend to have you? Very! She does belong to God, and you are showing her his love. How beautiful is that… If you did not love God first, you could not be such a powerful witness.

    My friend also has cancer, and I pray she finds such a close community. I am graced to be a part of her life.

    So happy to have ‘met’ you! I hope to follow your journey with her.


  5. This story blessed me! Powerful!!

    Ashley from

  6. thanks for touching my heart.

  7. Oh yeah, this is such a wonderful and powerful example of how this word works. Thank you for including the idea of communal prayer in your post today. I loved it and I think we can all belong when we pray together. Awesome!

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