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Five Minute Friday – Present

(Disclaimer to my readers – Today I link up with fellow writers. This is a challenge. A group to join. A prompting by another woman I like to just.sit.down. every Friday and write for only five minutes. That’s it. Which is roughly how long it takes for me to write my normal first sentence. Ahem. So, lest some of you start dancing joyfully with glee that my post is shorter – it is advised that thy shouldn’t get thyself used to it. In Jesus’ Name.) READ MORE HERE.

This week’s word – Present


Dear Present,

Where have you been, dear friend? You seem like the firefly during the heat of summer sunsets – always just.out.of.reach.

I dwell on your 2nd cousin, Past, and often fear your wicked Step-mother, Present.

My Past haunts me, guilts me, condemns me and brings me further from you, Beloved.

Your wicked Step-mother, my Future, sets my mind on controlling things, planning things, predicting things – always pushing you out of the way and making me a slave to Her demands.

I want to be here with You now, dear friend, oh my dear Present.

Here. Where her big girl winks aimed at me, cause my breath to catch in my throat.

Here. Where his innocent heart still brings me such joy, with questions like “Why do my socks have to match?” No, baby, they don’t. I love you so. and “Do I really have to wear underwear, Mama?”

Here. Where his dance between indepedence and still needing Mommy keeps my heart close, ever so close.

Here. Where you have me serving my man, or at least desperately trying serving me kids, and serving the least of these. Tired, am I? Yes. But, help me not be so busy, so consumed that I miss the gifts You give me here –

Oh, dear Present, stay with me a while.

Cling to me now. Do not leave.

Do not tease me with the flicker of your ever-fleeting light, only to fly away with another summer sunset.

Keep me here with you, dear flirefly.

I love you. I thank My Creator for you. For the blessings He has for me here with You.

For now, for our Present together, and for always,

Bless you, dear Present.

Love, Me (Your New BFF)


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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Present

  1. You’re right. In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if your socks match.

  2. I love how you did this as a letter Caroline. Beautiful! And yes, this is what I want too… “Help me not be so busy, so consumed that I miss the gifts You give me here –” I don’t want to miss His precious gifts…the ones He has for me in those every day moments.
    Grateful to have connected. You are a delight to follow!

  3. Wonderful post.

  4. aliciabruxvoort on said:

    Caroline, I’m so glad we found each other today through FMF— and this post, oh, I read it twice- so rich and aching (is that a word that describes writing?) I want to give the present an embrace and hold it tightly… it seems to slip through my fingers far too often.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I believe ‘aching’ exactly describes the heart of every Mom – to not miss one blessed moment of the present. Thanks for visiting! I look forward to this week’s post! Blessings, new friend!

  5. Genius! I loved it :). I’m still dropping by the FMF posts that intrigue me, and I’m so glad I happened upon yours! I’ve got problems with ‘Future’ the ‘wicked stepmother’–thank you for the imagery!

    • Thank you so much! Oh how I have trouble with the past and the future! And oh how grateful I am for His reminders to stay in the Present, where He is. I appreciate your kind words. You are always welcome here. 🙂 Blessings…

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