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All the Cool Kids Join a Book Club

I’m not a reader.

Please note that I did not say I’m not much of a reader.

I did not say I’m not really a reader.

I clearly said – I am not a reader.

This is not a statement made in false modesty as I whip through three books a week. Before this whole Hatmaker business, I hadn’t whipped through three books in the last three years. Ok, maybe five.

And, of course, I am aware that reading two books in three weeks, does not a reader make.

But, none of that matters, because I am starting a book club. This is where I would have totally made fun of myself right now, just a few short months ago. Thing One  and I have decided that we want to go through these books slowly, and with a group of fellow believers, to see what God does with us, through us, and most likely to us.

Thing One and I belong to a writer’s group that meets once a month. Neither of us could swing it this summer, with the craziness that summer brings, but we plan on getting back into it soon. Right, Jen!?! Once, a few months ago at our meeting, the other beloved friends and writers were discussing their passion for reading.

Smile and nod, just smile and nod.

I’ve had a passion for soccer.

I’ve had a passion for the Texas Rangers.

I’ve had a passion for summer camp.

But, reading?!!? You have got to be kidding me.

I wasn’t the same. Much to my mother’s dismay, neither my brother nor I are readers. To the contrary, my Mom will literally whip through three books a week. Easy. It has been that way my whole life. I cannot count the number of memories I have, of her asleep with a book in her hand, or over her face or awake reading at the kitchen table (for three hours already!) once I  finally woke up for school at 7am. “How can I have two children and neither one of them loves to read!?!” she cries out. to Jesus, who made us this way, Mom.

Sorry, Mom. But, hey, I am fun at parties.

At one of our writer’s meetings, a wise friend proclaimed, “The best way to become a better writer is to read as much as possible.”

Well, crap.

I guess I should take up shuffleboard or something, then.

My reply to the ‘read more’ suggestion was simple. In fact, it was the exact same story I just told you about my Mom and my brother and the whole ‘Hey, I can’t help it if I don’t read, I just like to write.’

And then, with the love of Jesus and the honesty of James, my darling Thing One made a statement that cut me to the core – in a much-needed-Jesus-kind-of-way. She said “Oh, I see…you don’t’ want to read what anybody else writes, you just want everybody to read what you write. Nice.”

Please envision the large, flashing neon SELFISH CHICK sign that now hung over my head.


And, thank you.

But, as God’s been drawing me closer to where He wants me, despite of me, and my many many many many many many shortcomings, I have come to realize that reading really is good. Somewhere right now, my beloved Mrs. Larsen (7th grade English) and Mrs. Driver (11th & 12th grade English) are rejoicing with my sweet Mom (English teacher for 37 years!) Or maybe they all passed out. One of the two.

But, reading really can be beneficial to my writing, but even more importantly, to my soul.

Little did I know the first freaking book Thing One would recommend would turn my world upside-down. Gee, thanks Jens. Yes, both of you.

So, here we are. I have read two books in three weeks. Mom, you got a gold star for me? I am quite certain the impact these books (and the God they’re about) has had on me will render me useless for anything else but serving Him for the rest of my life.

I’ve been humbled.

I’ve been convicted.

I’ve been baffled.

I’ve been excited.

I’ve been angry, and sad, and joyful and driven.

So, wanna come along??

Today is Monday, and I am pushing the proverbial GO! button on this whole book club thing. I warned you about it a couple weeks ago but here it is. If you haven’t gotten your book yet, you can buy it online or at any Christian bookstore near you. I have also heard you can download it onto Kindle. Whatever that means. So, no excuses.

One week from today, I will post my blog about the first chapter (Winter 2007) from Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

I would love nothing more than for you to read along with me. Post comments please!! And let’s start a dialogue of what God does in our hearts. Then, the next Monday, I’ll post about the next chapter, and so forth and so on. There are five chapters, so it will take us five weeks. (Yes, I used to teach Math!)

So, I guess all I have left to say it – GOD, DO. YOUR. THING!

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it. But, I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.”  – Anonymous

Disclaimer: If God touches your heart like he has touched mine and rocks your world like He has rocked mine – don’t blame me. Blame Jesus. And then get up and serve like Him. In Jesus’ Name.



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6 thoughts on “All the Cool Kids Join a Book Club

  1. Anonymous on said:

    just ordered it from amazon and trying to get a sweet sister to join in the journey
    LOVE this, thank you

  2. Reagan on said:

    Okay okay already ~ I’ll succumb to the peer pressure and fulfill my desire to be a cool kid by joining your book club. 😉 I am excited to read this book ~ ready for my world to be rocked in a God way! Love you cuz!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Bought it! Can’t wait!

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