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The Bloglet

My dear Lindsay. My sunshine. Sigh.

She is one of the dearest gifts God’s given me in my life. We met in fourth grade. Became close buddies in middle school and were connected at the hip for pretty much all the high school drama. We totally thought we were above it, of course. Oh to be young and ignorant again.

We both thought we had strong Christian convictions and incredibly strict parents (this part was pretty much true) so we clung to each other out of sheer solidarity. If we were going to not drink, smoke, do drugs, or have sex – or ever go to any sort of party where all those things were happening simultaneously – then at least we had each other.

Many a weekend were spent giggling, having sleepovers and dancing along with the final scene of Dirty Dancing. We actually didn’t have a ton in common – i.e. her athletic skills we, um, how-shall-I-say ‘yet to be bloomed’. But, we had us.

I love her deeply and miss her deeply-er. She and her precious man had to go off and follow God’s will and become missionaries in Mexico. I was completely devastated and profoundly proud all wrapped up in one chimichanga of emotion. I told God they could go serve for a year or two and I’d be fine. They laughed. God laughed more. They’ve been there 11 years. Check them out. What grande things their team is doing for God’s kingdom!

Anyway, because we were absolute idiots before it was even cool to be super hilarious, we had a ton of inside jokes and a great deal of vocabulary words we had, in fact, made up ourselves. Booyah, Webster.

One of our reoccurring trends was to add the ‘–let’ suffix to any word, yes, any word was fair game, in order to make it smaller.

A truck was a truck, but when we’d see a little bitty single cab, shouldn’t be driving in Texas, type of Frontier or something, we would say “Oh cute, hi little buddy (insert baby talk voice) aren’t you just the cutest little trucklet.”

Cups were cups. Dixie cups were cuplets.

Shoes were shoes. Baby shoes were shoelets.

Furniture was furniture. Doll house furniture was, well, a bit creepy.

You get the point.

Foretoo, (our own word which was freely and often substituted for ‘therefore’ or ‘however’ or ‘because’ or anything that made us giggle) we enjoyed miniaturizing anything for a good laugh.

I have not changed.

Waistline, yes? Ain’t no waistlinelet here.

Silly sense of humor, absolutely no!

Hence, the introduction of my following project on the discipline I so desperately lack – I will now blog something every day. Lord, help us all.

But, in an effort to not lose my seven readers, the somewhat clean house my man enjoys, and/or one of my three actual children, I will not be writing full length blogs every day. Somebody just said Amen! Instead, I will pass along to you one of the many, many ways God shows up in the most beautiful and the most bizarre ways in my everyday life. And I will do it in shortened form.

They will not all relate to each other. They will not all be grammatically superb nor exhaustively researched, but they will be here. Come hell or high water. Am I allowed to say that?

Soon, I feel confident the bloglets will center around the book that’s-wrecked-my-life-in-the-best/worst-way-possible. Interrupted? Ya, good one, Jen Hatmaker. But, alas, I didn’t pay extra for speedy shipping. And while the old me would’ve just sat back like I already have for a few days until the thing came in the mail, I decided to be disciplined about beginning this part of my discipline. Extra gold star for me.

Thus, the bloglet is born.

And there was much rejoicing. (yaaaaaaaay.) Sunshine, that one was for you, too.

That is all.

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One thought on “The Bloglet

  1. I like it!! and the beautiful friendship shared with your bff..bless you

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