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down time…

so here we are…sitting around the house. i love it. i love, love, love having nothing to do. two out of three are napping and we have just be chilin all day. in a world that seems to be ADDICTED to busyness, i love that my man is a homebody. i love that neither of us feel the need to enroll each of our offspring in eight different extra-curricular things by the time they each reach kindergarten. we will not buy into the pill that society is pushing. we love hanging out at our house. we love just playing and hanging out. having no agenda and no rushing around to do. i used to not be so much this way. i have been a social butterfly my whole life. i love being around people. i still do. unfortunately, because of this illness, i have been forced to be home a lot more than i would like. but, that has given me a whole new dose of perspective, that’s for sure. it has given me a whole new dose of a lot of things, but one thing is for sure, i have grown to love down time. i used to hide from it, be allergic to it, and down right fear it. but, now i like just sitting with nothing to do and either staring at my kids when they don’t know i am, watching a mindless show, sitting on my back porch and listening to god talk to me through the multitude of different pitches in the birds that sing to each other ant to me…..all of it is nice. i appreciate it all so much more now. with small kiddos, down time is few and far between. quiet time is rare. which is why i HIGHLY suggest if not down right insist to my pals who are floating (ok, holding onto dear life amidst the turrenitial waves) in the same boat i am of this stage of motherhood…GET UP EARLIER THAN YOUR KIDS AND SPEND THOSE FIRST FEW PRECIOUS, QUIET MOMENTS…YOUR BEST MOMENTS..WITH GOD EACH DAY!!! talk about the only way t make it through the day. amen and amen to that. but for now, it is 2:46 in the afternoon and i hear sweet sister friend fussing…probably threw both her “night-nights” (pacifiers) out of her crib…so for now the down time is over, but it’s all good….because we have not scheduled 149 things to do in the next 3 days. life is good. God is good. maybe after she does finally give in and fall asleep, maybe i’ll go float in the pool and rest. i am feeling decent today, so that would help me feel good. maybe i’ll read. maybe i’ll cuddle with jacob. maybe i’ll nap. maybe i’ll….

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One thought on “down time…

  1. I love love this entry! I just adore being at home with the kiddos, there is so much time…in the distant future for our kids to be involved in everything. For now, I am enjoying keeping my kids to myself (for the most part)at home and enjoying them just being kids, having fun, and playing. There have been times I felt pressured into thinking “am I doing enough, are the kids involved enough, Am I going to wreck their social life if they are not in this and that?” Are you kidding! What better foundation to start and grow on than spending most of their day at home with their family. What a blessing that God has given us that opprotunity to give our children. And a bigger blessing that I figured it out 🙂

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